Silicon Steel Sheet slitting line

Silicon Steel Sheet slitting line

Item No.: ZJ-130
  Cut to length line machine is controlled by PLC system or manually as required by the customer. It has PLC controlled single shaft feeder, the information of length, shearing numbers and speed can be input to the HMI. When the need shearing number is reached the line can stop automatically. The line speed can be adjusted. It has a gauge with high precision, and whole line can work automatically and operate easily thereby producing smooth sheets. 


Technical Specifications ZJK-1250
Inner diameter of coil (mm) φ500
Width of coil (mm) 500-1200
Weight of coil (t) 5
Thickness of sheet (mm) 0.15-0.35
Width of sheet (mm) 40-1200
Max shearing speed (m/min) 80-120
Cutting burr (mm) ≤0.02
Max number of strips 12
Straightness deviation of each edge ≤0.2mm/2m
Strip width accuracy (mm) ±0.1
Installed power(kw) 55











Brief Introduction

1.The transverse shear line adopts single-side location and manual width adjustment. Servo power and full-automatic PLC control system are employed. 

 2. Punch and shear are driven by high-response servo motor at high efficiency, high precision, low noise and low failure rate.

3.AC servo system and controller are adopted in feeding system to realize precise determination of length.

 4.Audio-visual color HMI in Chinese is adopted, and operators can easily accomplish choice of lamination forms, input and modification of parameters, etc. by means of touch screen.

 5.Manual and automatic separation and  stacking of materials for quantitative shear. (purchase on selection)

 6.Two-shear & one-punch or two-shear & two-punch models for selection. (purchase on selection)

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