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toroidal winding machine for current transformer

toroidal winding machine for current transformer

Item No.: YW-260A/300B/400C/500D(M)
YW type CNC winding machine for current transformer is the new generation of winding equipment according to the power industry requirement and present manual winding technology of current transformer.
Product Description
1. Features  
YW type CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment is the new generation of winding equipment according to the power industry requirement and present manual winding technology of current transformer.
2. Applications  
CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment is specially used for winding the circular coils of the small batch and many varieties. It is the preferred device in the transformer industry and the domestic most advance circular winding equipment.
3. Specifications  
a. CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment adopts the most advanced PLC system in the world, sets the procedures through the display screen, so to extremely strong the reliable operation of the whole machine.
 b. CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment electric parts are designed in modularization, can reduce the maintenance cost.
 c. The main driving operation of CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment uses the frequency-conversion speed adjustment mode, keeps the advantages of short driving chain, large startup torque, wide speed adjustment range, energy saving and low noise.
 d. CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment adopts the stepping motor and high-precision reduction gear, can solve the problem of traditional mechanical gear driving: error and uniform distribution.
e. CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment can realize the continuous stepping stepless adjustment from 0.01mm, and bring the convenient adjustment, high distribution precision and large torque.
 f. It has the machine tool wire storage automatic computation, automatic counting, automatic stop, stop memoryand so on, simplifies the operation greatly.
 g. CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment as the multi-wire multi-layer winding, can overcome the technology difficulty of multi-wire circular coils winding of precise current transformer and to improve the production efficiency and product quality.
3. Main technical parameters  

Model YW-260A/260AM YW-300B/300BM YW-400C/400CM YW-500D/500DM
Diameter range of windable eletromagnetic wire 0.5-1.5mm 0.5-2.6mm 0.5-3.2mm 0.5-3.2mm
Min inner diameter of winded coils 30mm 50mm 60mm 60mm
Max outer diameer of winded coils 260mm 350mm 450mm 550mm
Max height of winded coils 70mm 100mm 140mm 250mm
Max winding rotation speed 100  rmp 100  rmp 100  rmp 100  rmp
Machine tool power 0.75kW 1.5kW 1.5kW 1.5kW
Max outline sise of machine tool 600x1000x1200 700x1000x1300 700x1000x1400 850x1000x1500
Packaging & Shipping
Packaging: CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment packed by bubble film then   into the wooden case 
Port & shipping: shenzhen or shanghai, or you choose port if necessary
Delivery Date: 45 days upon receipt of deposit for CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment 

Our Services
1. Ensure 12 months guarantee period, life-long maintenance for CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment.
2. If necessary, the engineers  will go to your factory for installing, debugging and training for winding machine, can communicate with the customers directly. 
3. Manufacturer's price: Factory directly sale, most competitive price.
4. We are the original maker of CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment have more than 85% market share in china, ABB many times to visit our factory and give the high evaluation; our winding machine's model is the most in China, can customized.
5. On site test and inspection for CNC motor coil winding machine/equipment are available, and all our products are strictly inspected before shipment, can ensure the order enough quantity, good quality and timely delivery.